Some weblinks suggested by Sylvie Dessombz and Jean-François Ponge

Article X of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789 states that "No person shall be accused, arrested, or imprisoned except in the cases and according to the forms prescribed by law." But what about those rights in France and around the world? The struggles by Camisards challenge us over abuses about human rights, whether present or located in a not so distant past. Freedom of conscience is always threatened, human groups, whether they are based on sex/gender, religion, skin color, language or culture, are beaten, imprisoned or murdered. Many websites show the words of these men and women, oppressed in the name of a dominant ideology that does not tolerate difference. We want you to discover these stories through a number of links to websites that seem to us particularly representative.


  • Women's struggle for recognition of their rights: women victims of sexual violence, women in the Resistance, World March of Women, Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, the photo-stories of Pierre-Yves Ginet:

  • Freedom of conscience and civil disobedience, four famous figures show in the archives of the Feench National Audiovisual Institute (INA):


Mohandhas Gandhi:


Martin Luther King:


Miriam Makeba:


Nelson Mandela:



  • Palestinians and Israelis, two cities, two people, one cry of pain, the Arte video reports:




  • The Confessing Church, a little known aspect of Lutheran resistance to the Nazi regime:​​



  • Resistance during the German occupation and Vichy France, former prisoners testify:


  • The pastor László Tőkés, a prominent figure in the end of the Ceausescu era, triggering events that led to the fall of the dictator: